Our Story

Where it all began

The Ole Lollie Shop (TOLS) was a “sweet change” from a corporate life to one filled with sugar and spice and everything nice! While visiting the Old Petrie Town Park on friday nights for years, as part of a car club, Lynne fell in love with a little colonial shop and always told the owner if they ever decided to sell she would be interested. In March 2007 her dream became a reality and after weeks of hard work her first confectionary shop opened on April 1st 2007…not fooling you!

Over the next six years Lynne, her sister and many helping hands built a great reputation for old fashioned sweets, lollie selections, fudge and handmade chocolate creations. Slowly building a large collection of chocolate moulds and fine tuning chocolate making skills provided a basis to focus on key elements to make her business thrive and grow. Bringing in American and English confectionary lines, introducing a Dutch Licorice range and even expanding to include homemade Jams, Chutneys and Relishes were just some of the original ideas that are now a fundamental part of The Ole Lollie Shop’s appeal.

It’s Fudgelicious

TOLS homemade fudge has a reputation for making you want more and for good reason. Exploring several recipes in the beginning was very important as fudge in temperate climates like Queensland don’t do well. While Lynne is always tinkering to make it just perfect, the recipe prides itself on good quality ingredients as well as including as many natural flavours from original sources as possible.

By 2010 the fudge had become so popular that a specialised fudge kettle had to be used to meet the demand. Today there are 33 flavours of fudge in rotation throughout the stores with new flavours always being trialed. The Only limitation for new fudge sensations is our imaginations!


Handmade chocolate temptations are a special part of the business where the creative element can really take flight. Simple chocolate moulds become the basis for bold colour choice, tasty accessorising and splashes of flavourful fun. Finding the perfect balance for rocky road between chocolate and marshmellow, and developing crazy new treats like the salted caramel rocky pop have been half the fun!

 Chocolate dipping has become a very popular part of the range as well using giant marshmellows, red frogs, banana lollies, musk sticks and the favourite snakes….. everything’s better dipped in chocolate!


By 2013 TOLS was ready to expand and the 2nd shop opened at Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast in September followed less than a year later by the 3rd shop in Redcliffe in August 2014. Continued success allowed TOLS to set up a small display at Kawana Waters Shopping Centre for 12 months from 2017-2018.

Just by chance the opportunity to open a store in Mooloolaba transpired in August 2018 and by mid-September the forth full store was opened. With the changing retail market and the growing social media influence on customer connections, the next expansion needed to be something new…….enter the “Candy Van”. The Candy Van has allowed TOLS to become mobile and the developement of a pop up lollie stall has seen it participate in events near and far introducing new customers to the sugary delights of our brand.

Supporting local small businesses has been an important part of the TOLS growth in recent years. As the business has expanded and time to produce all the marvelous creations for the stores has increased it has been necessary to outsource some of the product lines. Our jams, chutneys and relishes are made from local produce and the skills of a local lady, just a short distance from the Old Petrie Town store, and the amazing talents of local and regional candy artists are utilised at Easter for the beautiful candy eggs we have made available in the last few years.


Experimenting and striving for new ideas and creations, while having fun, is a passion and driving force behind the success of TOLS. One such sweet reward was the literal dream to bring back the long lost chocolate bar that was marshmellow filled waffle coated in milk chocolate in a handmade version. After the hunt for just the right ingredients and some trial and error, the “Polly-Anna” was born and is a favourite for many who remember the original

When visiting any of the Ole Lollie Shop stores be sure to take a good look around at all the vintage and classic memorabilia. Lynne was a collector before she went into business and has searched the globe since growing an amazing collection which is sure to bring back some memories.